Privacy Window Film

what is Window Film

Window films are conventionally made from multiple polyester layers, films are manufactured in varying grades, tint levels & thicknesses to suit the desired application/purpose. These films can be utilised for several combined purposes including; solar heat control, added privacy, increased security, reduction of glare, protection from UV and increased aesthetic appeal.

Window & security film installations are carried out by our in-house specialist with over 15 years of hands-on experience. Vehicles are meticulously prepared to ensure glass panels are free from contaminants in preparation of film fitment, all automotive based window film applications are carried out at the Valiant Detailing workshop.

Detailing training Workshops

are you interested in learning how to detail to a high standard?

From car enthusiast to aspiring detailer the team can help; Valiant Detailing offer a host of detailing training packages spanning numerous topics & levels. Popular subject areas include; safe wash techniques, paint correction, wet sanding, ceramic coating application & introduction to paint protection film.

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