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Valiant Mentorship

Price Per Person: POA - Deposit on Booking: 25% - Duration: 10+ Days, 9.30am to 5pm

We Want to Learn More About You!

Before commencing Mentorship, we start with some in-depth discussions around your background, motivations, existing skillset, and most importantly if we as a trainer & mentor would be an ideal fit. Mentorship is limited to 4 candidates per year & fundamental to the process is that we genuinely feel we can help guide you to achieve your targets and business goals

Discussions include:

In brief, if we don’t know you, and get an indication of where you are currently at, we probably won’t be in a position to successfully guide you to where you would like to be!

NO Quick Certifications or Master Detailer Status

We strongly believe short courses will never truly certify individuals or adequately prepare candidates for the varied and often challenging workload a full-time detailer is likely to encounter, with this in mind, we take the view that the bulk of detailing courses/certifications currently offered in the UK marketplace are of limited value and hold no real relevance in an unregulated industry.

In truth mastering, any skilled profession usually takes hundreds of hours of hands-on experience combined with a high degree of real-world proficiency. Attending courses & training events can offer a start point and build confidence but the truth remains that the overwhelming majority of trainees will fall short of the skillset required to set up & successfully operate a detailing business from the get-go.

The Solution

Valiant Detailing offers a comprehensive training & mentorship program that is tailored to each candidate, this enables a more robust & longer-term approach. Initial stages include training carried out over a full week, during which the team provides a solid foundation of knowledge for individuals to build upon from combined detailing and business development perspectives. We then include additional tailored training, ongoing mentorship support & access to a range of insight days (included in the mentorship package) with the Valiant Detailing team.

Our mentorship process is specifically tailored to each candidate and business type. Access to advanced training days (with key industry experts on hand) is additionally offered to enable continued development (optional basis)

Key Benefits When Choosing Training/Mentorship at Valiant

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The mentorship program is our most comprehensive level of training, all content is delivered by experienced detailers who have founded both mobile & unit-based businesses, trainers continue to actively work in the detailing industry ensuring all newly released products/equipment can be tested and introduced where true progression and benefits are proven.

The program aims to introduce a wide range of skills & techniques which would be deemed essential when working as a detailer & aiming to deliver a higher level of finish across all areas of a vehicle. Key elements of the training will include working on several test panels with consideration for various substrates and further advancing to a vehicle exhibiting a range of complex defects which one would expect to encounter on a heavily used vehicle.

All training will be delivered at the Valiant Detailing premises in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire & will be led by the in-house detailing team. Having consistently worked on some of the world’s most challenging vehicles, our level of real-world expertise now allows us to pass on our knowledge & introduce several key practices that will hold all candidates in good stead for a career in the car detailing sector.

Mentorship is suitable for those individuals who are relatively new to the industry & wish to enter the detailing profession on a solid footing. Existing business owners in the Valeting & Detailing sectors wishing to advance their skill set, experience, and business model would equally benefit. All trainees will gain first-hand insight into the methods, techniques & business advice available from the Valiant Detailing team.

Upon completion of the program candidates will be familiar with the inspection of a vehicle, safely removing wheels, safe car wash practices, decontamination processes, interior detailing practices, preparation for polishing, lifting vehicles utilizing scissor lifts, comprehensive use of a range of polishing machines, wet sanding & application of a range of protective sealants including ceramic coatings. We will additionally address key areas including marketing, photography, pricing & business strategy.

In brief topics covered will include, but not limited to;

Upon completion of our mentorship program, all candidates will have access to ongoing support and troubleshooting advice from the team at Valiant Detailing. In addition, access to The Car Care Store will be available providing trade account status & specialist guidance regarding the latest detailing products, equipment, materials & chemicals.

(Valiant Detailing Ltd holds no brand/manufacturer affiliation for this level of training/mentorship, product and equipment options are tailored to each candidate)

Application Process & Need to Know

Please call or email the team if you would like to apply for the Mentorship program or if you have any additional questions