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Introduction To Car Detailing

Price Per Person: £350 - Deposit on Booking: 20% - Duration: 9.30am to 5pm

Our introduction to Car Care & Detailing course is designed for those whom are seeking a hands on approach with a strong focus on advancing key skills & knowledge in relation to safe wash practices & basic detailing steps. During the day candidates will gain an insight into a range of processes utilised by the Valiant Detailing team.

Course content is delivered by the founder of Valiant Detailing together with our lead detailer, all members of the team have a wealth of experience with both the hands-on side of the job and day to day running of a detailing business. In brief, the course broadly follows the outline shown below;

Day 1 – Health & Safety, PPE, Safe Wash Stages, Paint Decontamination & Preparation, Polishing Stages, Coating Process & Finishing Work

The day is based around working on an actual vehicle, we begin with an introduction to health & safety together with the discussions around the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE). Upon starting the wash process tutors will advise on conducting a basic inspection to identify any damage to a vehicle & discuss how this may affect the manner in which we choose to proceed with the detailing process.

Tutors then move toward the hands-on processes including the safe wash, paint decontamination & preparation for polishing stages. During each process, course tutors will advise on best practices and provide an insight into the methods in use at Valiant Detailing together with product choices.

Upon completion of the safe wash, paint decontamination & preparation for polishing stages we will move on toward some hands-on machine polishing utilising a host of test panels. Candidates will also have the opportunity to practice on an actual vehicle with a range of dual action machine polishers. Discussions on best practice together with masking delicate surfaces is additionally covered.

The final stages of the day will revolve around applying a range of protective coatings and discussions on how to tackle the interior surfaces of a vehicle. The day will conclude with a Q&A session where course tutors aim to address any questions that remain & can further advise on product and equipment choice for individual circumstances.

In brief, areas covered during the day will include, but not limited to

Upon completion of the day, all candidates will be familiar with inspection of a vehicle, safe car wash practices, decontamination processes, basic use of dual-action machine polisher, and the application of a range of sealants. All candidates will be offered tailored guidance on suitable detailing products, equipment & materials.

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(Valiant Detailing Ltd holds no affiliation with any single brand/manufacturer for this level of training; the team aim to offer a range of options to best serve each candidate)